EK43 and the 7 steps

poolside-slightly-tiltedphoto via Sprudge.com

I have been wanting to write-up a guide for using the EK43 as an espresso grinder on a daily basis, but I got caught up and forgot. I do apologise for making you “wait”.

I started working on the EK43, when I was at Colonna & Small’s, one of the busiest shops I have seen. Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, triple UK WBC finalist and National Coordinator SCAE UK, managed to create a system that didn’t compromise the quality or consistency of the extractions and could withstand a high volume of drinks prepared.

When I decided to open my own shop, I wanted the flag-ship grinder to be the EK43 due to its versatility and grind evenness. After visiting the Mahlkoenig factory in Hamburg, I felt that I had all of the pieces of the puzzle to fully comprehend the data behind the results in the cup.

I wanna firstly say that the EK43 won’t produce magic espresso shots… wait for it… unless you put a bit of brains and elbow grease into it.

Think of it as a ” Build-a-Bear” experience, every step leads you to hitting that sexy sweet spot, while also achieving a higher extraction. Continue reading

The 4th wave! Are we there yet? – Matt Perger

matt-perger-3via Sprudge.com

The specialty coffee world is ever changing and is evolving at a fast pace.To give us a better understanding of where it is heading, I have enlisted the help of some of the most awesome coffee professionals to tell us about their current projects and give us their take on what the 4th wave of coffee might be. Matt Perger, Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood and Tim Wendelboe will be featured in the first part of our weekly journey into their specialty coffee worlds, fueled by knowledge, innovation, ambition and perseverance.


First one up will be the amazing MATT PERGER. You might have heard of him, he is really good at making coffee really small and has changed the way we brew espressos. Continue reading