EK43 and the 7 steps

poolside-slightly-tiltedphoto via Sprudge.com

I have been wanting to write-up a guide for using the EK43 as an espresso grinder on a daily basis, but I got caught up and forgot. I do apologise for making you “wait”.

I started working on the EK43, when I was at Colonna & Small’s, one of the busiest shops I have seen. Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, triple UK WBC finalist and National Coordinator SCAE UK, managed to create a system that didn’t compromise the quality or consistency of the extractions and could withstand a high volume of drinks prepared.

When I decided to open my own shop, I wanted the flag-ship grinder to be the EK43 due to its versatility and grind evenness. After visiting the Mahlkoenig factory in Hamburg, I felt that I had all of the pieces of the puzzle to fully comprehend the data behind the results in the cup.

I wanna firstly say that the EK43 won’t produce magic espresso shots… wait for it… unless you put a bit of brains and elbow grease into it.

Think of it as a ” Build-a-Bear” experience, every step leads you to hitting that sexy sweet spot, while also achieving a higher extraction. Continue reading