Behavioural patterns


With time we start to have a better understanding of our customer’s needs and their behavioural patterns. As we mature from baristas and/or roasters to a more knowledgeable specialty coffee professional, we all dream of owning a coffee shop at some point.

I recently opened my own shop, alongside my business partner who has shed new light on what the administrative needs of a shop are. Her admin skills are easily rubbing off on me, and together with our shop manager, we are building our own little empire, fueled by the brown liquid we call specialty coffee. We have always focused on the quality of the coffee and the sensory experience of the customer.

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The 4th wave! Are we there yet? – Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood

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This week we are serving you another side of awesome with our newest coffee professional that took time to talk to us about his newest projects and give us their take on the 4th wave.

His name is Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood and has recently released a book called Water for Coffee, alongside Christopher H Hendon (computational chemist).

I first heard of Maxwell’s coffee mad skills while I was a young barista, around 4-5 years ago, when the famous Colonna and Small’s, was just opening, it was the Mecca of coffee shops to every aspiring barista.

This feature was designed to approach the coffee professional that lead this industry and inspire us to become better and more knowledgeable. I also felt the need to gather several leading opinions to create a better understanding of where the industry is and it’s heading.

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